Moncler’s latest collaboration with European Graphic designers Alexandra Compain-Tissier, Erin Petson and Jordi Labanda . Design criteria for each design conceptualized their unique vision of  Moclers high altitude world and interpret into a illustration.  Using their own expressive code and the entire outer shell as a canvas expresses each designers contemporary creativity, conveying the relationship between fashion and the language  through illustration and cutting-edge graphic design.

A new innovative experimentation within the visiual art world, a legendary icon was created. To wear the Moncler Illustrated quilted jacket allows the consumer to challange fashion, raising level  perceived as the chararistic norm of imagination.

Moncler Illustrated quilted jackets will go on sale from Nov 2011 in Moncler Boutique.

“Moncler Illustrated is a design collaboration between Jordi Labanda, born in Mercedes in Uruguay, has lived in Barcelona since childhood. His trademark female figures with a slim silhouette and 1960s lounge style return in the Moncler down jacket. This time, they are wearing oxygen masks as an ironic reference to the great Karakorum expeditions that marked the brand’s history. Gouache technique and bold, vibrant colors in a willfully flat, graphic and stylized illustration. Labanda also has fun putting together the overall image by playing with the components of the down jacket. The snow-capped peaks on the cuffs complete the mountain scene featured on the body of the jacket.”
                                                           – Moncler
Well done Moncler! E

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