Everything You Need For The Outdoors In One Box

Kitted by Cairn is a new box subscription service (think StichFix or Trunk Club) but for outdoor gear and apparel. Whether you’re new to the outdoors or an adventure guru, embarking on a new outdoor adventure sport can be overwhelming. Starting a new sport comes with an unavoidable learning curve which isn’t just about learning the sport itself but the gear and equipment that comes along with it. After researching, there’s often a good deal of trial and error in attempting to find the right gear and apparel that will work for you. You’re looking at a good chunk of time, money, and effort before you even decide if this sport is something you really love.

Kitted goal is to be a painless solution to starting a new outdoor adventure sport. They attempt to achieve this through  personalization, access to expert advice from pros, and a selection of best in class products.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a personalized profile that will take into account the activities you currently participate in, your build, level of experience, and budget range.
  2. A Gear Guru will source the best available gear and apparel that fits your needs. 
  3. A kit is assembled and shipped to your door.
  4. You have two weeks to try out the products (consider the great outdoors your dressing room), decide what to keep, and ship everything else back.
  5. You’re only charged only for what you keep.

In addition to Carin solving our outdoor adventure conundrums they  considered what will happens to old gear once it’s replaced. Carin offers to send your pre-loved equipment and gear to the Gear Up, Give Back program.

This service is still in beta testing and we’re currently on the waitlist. We’ll check back in here once we get a box and offer up some Heel-Side feedback.